Ohio Analysis Meetings 2020-2022

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The Ohio River Analysis Meeting (ORAM) started in 2011 as a collaborative activity between members of the Mathematics Departments at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and the Univer- sity of Kentucky (UK) whose research focuses on analysis, geometric analysis, harmonic analysis, mathematical physics, and partial dierential equations. It is held each spring alternately on each campus. The March 2020 meeting will be the tenth ORAM and will be held at UK in Lexington, KY. The goal of the two-day meeting is multi-fold. First, through plenary lectures, the meeting provides a venue for regional mathematicians and mathematics post-docs and graduate students to attend state-of-the-art talks and to confer with leading researchers in analysis and partial dier- ential equations from the Ohio Valley region and beyond. Secondly, through the contributed talks program, the meeting provides a venue for young mathematicians to present their work to a distin- guished audience. Thirdly, the meeting fosters cooperation and collaboration between researchers from the Ohio valley region. After nine successful ORAMs, the organizers seek continued nancial stability for the series of meetings through this three-year funding proposal for ORAM 10 at UK in March, 2020, ORAM 11 at UC in March, 2021, and ORAM 12 at UK in March, 2022. The proposal requests funding for students and early-career researchers in mathematics so that they may participate in the meeting and present their research, and also for nancial support for the invited lecturers. Intellectual Merit Analysis and partial dierential equations are lively areas of research for many faculty at UC and UK and other Ohio Valley universities. The interests of the faculty and graduate students include harmonic analysis, spectral theory, variational methods, mathematical physics, nonlinear partial dierential equations, and geometric analysis. The ve invited plenary speakers present hour-long broad-based lectures on the latest developments in their elds. Each meeting also has about twenty contributed talks by young mathematicians. The ORAM program provides mathematicians with common interests at all stages of their careers an intellectually stimulating atmosphere of shared learning and scientic discovery. Broader Impacts A key component of each ORAM is the education of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars from UC and UK and other Ohio Valley universities. Young mathematicians attend the main talks and interact with the distinguished lecturers and other senior researchers in a welcoming atmosphere. Early-career researchers are encouraged to present their work in the parallel sessions of contributed talks. The ORAM organizers strive to attract main speakers of the highest caliber, and to create a supportive and lively atmosphere for mathematical exchange. ORAM actively recruits women and other members of underrepresented groups in mathematics. Past meetings have been presented in cooperation with the AWM. Overall, female mathematicians comprise approximately one-third of the invited lecturers and one-quarter of the conference participants. 1
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  • National Science Foundation: $32,000.00


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