OHS, Assessment Program for Kentucky Traffic Records FY17

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Pursuant to the Traffic Records Assessment conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Technical Assessment team during May 06-11, 2012, the proposed project will continue the development and implementation of procedures for regularly monitoring the quality of traffic records in Kentucky. The procedures and data collection will facilitate the efforts of the KTRAC data quality improvement sub-committee team to effectively review the existing traffic records system, identify potential improvements, and report to the KTRAC membership. The project has the following goals and objectives: 1. To continue collection of quantitative data and other information on the metrics, which will identify areas of progress across three years as well as continuing problems with the databases; 2. To consult with liaisons to obtain descriptions of current weaknesses in the traffic records systems and suggestions for system improvements; 3. To identify new metrics or new methods for obtaining data for the metrics when the current metrics are unobtainable or deemed by liaisons to be inadequate; 4. To develop, test and deploy an online interface for soliciting and gathering data from a wide array of individuals across the member agencies of KTRAC, which would provide greater convenience for individuals to provide needed and more timely information on data quality.
Effective start/end date10/1/169/30/17


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $60,000.00


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