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Abstract OHS, Crash Data Visualization and Mapping 10/01/2022 -09/30/2023 This project would develop a comprehensive series of data visualizations and maps for tracking and communicating crash data with the purpose of improving highway safety in Kentucky. Kentucky collects a wealth of data pertaining to highway safety that links crash data to roadway attributes maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. However, accessing and communicating this data to the public in a meaningful manner continues to be a challenge. Advances in computing software have improved the ability to develop innovative data visualizations and maps in a more streamlined manner. This project would improve the accessibility and integration of the crash and roadway databases by applying software, such as ArcGIS Pro and Tableau, for crash data analysis and communication. The visualizations and maps will be selected and designed to complement ongoing safety efforts in Kentucky, including the six task forces charged with overseeing highway safety efforts for aggressive driving, distracted driving, impaired driving, occupant protection, roadway departure, and vulnerable road users. 1. To develop at least 50 data visualizations and maps linking crash data with roadway attributes. 2. To compile the data visualizations and maps into a crash ‘Map Book’ for Kentucky. 3. Performance will be tracked by producing data visualization and mapping products for the six highway safety task forces. 4. Performance will also be tracked by the overall number of data visualizations and maps produced. SECTION D: Strategies and Activities: - The KTC project team will develop a preliminary list of desired data visualizations and maps. - The project team will work with the six task forces to discuss data visualization and mapping products that would support and better inform their respective efforts. - The team will assess the data needs and software abilities for best producing the potential visualizations and maps. - A final list of desired products will be compiled, and the project team will follow a timeline for completing each of visualizations and maps. - Once completed, the products will be reviewed by interested stakeholders. Revisions and additions to the visualizations and maps will be performed. - The final product will be a ‘Map Book’ compilation of all the data visualizations and maps. The Map Book will be presented to each of the six task forces and made available for anyone to access.
Effective start/end date10/1/229/30/23


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $84,228.00


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