OHS, Integrating Crash, Roadway and Citation Data to Improve Crash Prediction Models

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Abstract OHS, Integrating Crash, Roadway and Citation Data to Improve Crash Prediction Models Traditional roadway safety analysis classifies safety concerns primarily using the attributes of crashes – their location, crash type, severity of outcome, etc. While access to high quality statewide crash data is a hallmark of Kentucky’s safety professionals’ ability to provide continuous improvements to the transportation system, many instances of risky driving behavior are missing from those analyses. To further provide these improvements, this project intends to integrate crash and roadway data with citation data to capture occurrences of both crash-related and non-crash related high-risk driving behaviors when and where they are happening both in terms of area and roadway environment. Analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of risky driving behaviors will provide a better understanding of where problematic driving behaviors are taking place across the state. KTC will collaborate with KYTC staff to develop a statewide database of citations resulting from driver behaviors – outlined in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan – known to contribute to crash risk, i.e., aggressive, impaired, and distracted driving and failure to use proper restraints. This new database will provide safety practitioners greater accessibility to aggregated (deidentified) driver citation data, along with an integrated dataset for use in the analysis of driver behavior.
Effective start/end date10/1/239/30/24


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $120,730.00


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