OHS, Integrating Speed into Safety Performance Functions MIRE

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Abstract OHS, Integrating Speed into Safety Performance Functions MIRE This project aims to identify role of speed in crash occurrence by analyzing operating speed, speed limit, geometric conditions, and crash history. The project will improve safety performance analysis and safety planning by integrating speed into safety performance functions. The statewide probe speed data acquired by the KYTC between 2015-2021 offer extensive coverage of all types of roadways. They have been linked to the KYTC''s HIS network, and thus provide an opportunity to assess the role of speed on the safety performance of Kentucky highways. Recent studies have identified speed as an important contributor to crashes and indicated the need to incorporate speed into safety performance functions (SPFs). Using the integrated speed, roadway features, and crash history data set, we propose to assess the relationship between the crash occurrence on Kentucky highways and various speed metrics, including operating speed, the 85th percentile speed, their disparities with speed limit, etc. This analysis can help identify potential mitigation strategies. Following the assessment, we will integrate the speed into the SPFs for various highway types, which could be used to improve the safety attribute portion of SHIFT as well as the network screening performed by the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). 1. To develop a pipeline that facilitates the integration of crash records and roadway features, including newly added speed measures in the roadway database. 2. To quantify the effect of speeds on crash occurrence on different highway types and incorporate speeds into SPF functions. 3. To provide a list of locations where large disparities among operating speed, design speed, and speed limit contribute to crashes, with which the KYTC can develop safety improvement strategies.
Effective start/end date10/1/239/30/24


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $75,000.00


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