OHS, Optimizing and Employing KYTC's Sign Database (Traffic Records)

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Abstract OHS, Optimizing and Employing KYTC’s Sign Database 10/1/2023 - 9/30/2024 Adequate signage is an important part of roadway safety: it can reduce the likelihood of a crash without requiring costly infrastructure changes. Having a thorough and accessible sign database is equally important. This project proposes to enhance and organize Kentucky’s sign inventory, and to expand its use by road engineers across the state. The project will include custom analysis and processing for the existing roadway database. KTC researchers will work closely with KYTC personnel to ensure the data is accessible, practical, and serviceable. Signs are an integral part of Kentucky’s road system, so optimizing their use will enhance road safety.
Effective start/end date10/1/239/30/24


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $75,855.00


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