OHS, UK-Improve Completeness and Uniformity of KY MIRE M3DA-21-03

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The Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE) Fundamental Data Elements (FDEs) are essential in enabling the state to apply Highway Safety Manual methodologies and supporting data-driven safety decision making. Various FDEs are required for roadway segments, intersections, and interchanges/ramps. Among those, the number of through lanes is needed for public paved roadway segments. Kentucky is currently 100% compliant with state owned local paved roads but 0% compliant with non-state owned local paved roads. Meanwhile, while KYTC has a comprehensive roadway intersection database, a similar inventory is needed for roadway interchanges. This project will take advantage of the technical expertise and resources at the KTC to employ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and machine learning methods to collect number of lanes data and statewide interchange inventory. The results of the project would help improve the accuracy, completeness, integration, and uniformity of the roadway database. While KYTC does have a complex query to identify interchanges, this does not easily allow for safety analysis similar to the intersection database. Another benefit to this effort is that the existing query can be quality control checked for accuracy TC research engineers will review and document the state of the practice on collecting number of lanes information for local roads and developing interchange inventory. 2. KTC research engineers will use the network linkage method developed by the previous PL-32 study to match the up-to-date probe network and OpenStreetMaps network to KYTC's AllRds network. The linkage will enable direct transfer of number of lanes information from those network to AllRds network. 3. KTC research engineers will apply effective machine learning methods to identify number of lanes from Google Street View images on additional local roads to further increase number of lanes data availability. 4. KTC research engineers will utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing tools to analyze KYTC’s roadway database to identify the location and extent of interchanges. 5. KTC research engineers will submit progress reports that assesses progress in project development and documents successful project completion. 6. KTC research engineers will provide number of lanes and interchange inventory GIS files to KYTC to be incorporated into roadway database. 7. KTC research engineers will submit a finial project report to document developed methodologies and findings.
Effective start/end date10/1/209/30/21


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $62,715.00


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