OHS, UK- Traffic Records Strategic Plan M3DA-2021-04

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The Kentucky Transportation Center has assisted each traffic records database in the development of a Traffic Records Improvement Plan (TRIP) for the 2018-21 Traffic Records Strategic Plan (TRSP). The TRIP was written after NHTSA’s traffic records assessment, which included recommendations for database improvements for the six traffic records databases. KTC is currently assisting each database in the identification and development of projects to address NHTSA’s recommendations as well as the identification and development of projects to improve all other database attributes. Some projects are underway. But some are not sufficiently developed to justify future investments of the resources needed to accomplish the goals set out in the Traffic Records Improvement Plan (TRIP). This grant will continue KTC’s assistance to the databases in their effort to develop projects for successful attainment of each databases’ goals in the TRIP. The six (6) database attributes considered for each of databases include data timeliness, accuracy, completeness, uniformity, integration, and accessibility. The TRSP has a performance measure and related improvement goal for each of the six attributes of each database: CRASH, Citation/Adjudication, Injury Surveillance (KIPRC and EMS), Vehicle Registration, Roadway, and Driver Licensing. Baseline metrics vary by database and are established based on the identified performance measures and performance goals for each database (sample progress summary in Figure 1). A full set of performance measures, performance goals, baseline metrics, and any projects/status to date are included in the Final Report for “Facilitating Successful Attainment of the Goals in the Transportation Records Strategic Plan” TRSP M3Da-19-02, with report title "Progress Reports for Databases in the 2017-2020 Traffic Records Improvement Plan as of October 2019." The progress summaries for each database can be updated throughout the project term, in order to respond to the database improvements and input by the database liaisons. As goals are met, database accomplishments can be added to the tracking dashboard, where all project participants will be able to review progress. The first goal of this project is to facilitate the improvement of safety data quality in Kentucky by producing 6 reports, one for each database. The baseline is zero completed reports. See below for strategies/activities that will be used to produce these reports.
Effective start/end date10/1/209/30/21


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $67,681.00


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