One-To-One Evaluation Grant

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This study will use a quasi-experimental design to compare the reading achievement and motivational growth ofthe students who participate in the One-to-One Program (the experimental group) with similar students in their schools who do not participate in the program (the control group). At the beginning of the 2006-7 school year, we will randomly select approximately 50 of the program participants to join the experimental group and up to 50 students who would be eligible but do not participate in the program to join the control group. The reading achievement and motivation to read for both groups of students will be assessed in September or October of 2006 (a pre-test), and again in April or May of 2007 (post-test). Assessments will be administered by researchers during the regularly scheduled coaching time in order to minimize students' loss of classroom instructional time.
Effective start/end date8/1/068/31/07


  • Partnership for Successful Schools: $69,620.00


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