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The purpose of this project is to strengthen the financial capability and education of military Personal Financial Managers (PFMs), Cooperative Extension financial educators, and other providers as they support the economic security of Service Members and their families to foster a financially secure and mission-ready force. The OneOp Personal Finance team is pleased to provide our proposed 2023-2024 plan of work to continue to strengthen the financial capability within the Military financial readiness community through programming targeted to Service Providers serving as DoD PFMs and Cooperative Extension financial educators. This project builds on more than ten years of experience as a team providing learning events and experiences for PFMs. Since 2012, the Personal Finance Concentration Area has granted more than 40,000 CEUs to over 26,000 personal finance webinar participants through the delivery of 145 online webinars. The Personal Finance (PF) team is well equipped to recognize and to meet the financial education needs of today’s military audiences through engaging environments that leverage social learning and distance education technology to enhance the counseling and training capabilities of PFMs. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and outcomes are embedded in PF program deliverables. The PF team is committed to further enhancing these efforts. Dr. Nichole Huff, CFLE, of the University of Kentucky (UK), will serve as the OneOp PF team Project Director/Principal Investigator and designee to the OneOp leadership team. Dr. Huff serves as the UK Extension Specialist for Family Finance and Resource Management and has a proven record of creating, delivering, and evaluating research-based financial education to national audiences. Dr. Huff will provide leadership to content development that aligns with best practices in delivering financial education to the general public, contained in 2019 U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Literacy and Education Commission “Best Practices for Financial Literacy and Education at Institutions of Higher Learning,” report, through project meetings, reviewing draft materials, communicating and coordinating the project with the DoD Office of Financial Readiness (DoD FINRED) subject matter expert (SME), and other measures deemed beneficial to the project. Dr. Huff will work with Program Coordinator, Kristen Jowers, in planning and delivering ten webinars. Goals & Objectives Goal 1. Increase the availability of research-based professional development for Personal Financial Managers across all Services. Objective 1: Provide research-based learning opportunities via web conferencing. Deliverable 1a. Deliver ten webinars of 90 minutes in length, which align with topics contained in the DoD FINRED Annual Communication Calendar, emerging issues, or topics that impact the military financial readiness space. Deliverable 1b. Develop webinar quizzes for CEUs and share resources, as applicable.
Effective start/end date9/1/238/31/24


  • Auburn University: $160,942.00


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