Operation Military Kids Camp Initiative/OSD Supplement 2011

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This camp will advance state OMK goals by offering a route for creating community support networks for military children, youth and families across the state; providing a recreational, educational and social program for military children, youth and families living in civilian communities; and providing aplace where military families can come together to focus on each other and build resiliency skills as a family unit that will help them before, during AND after the deployment ofa loved one. The camp also provides a route for educating the public on the impact ofdeployment cycles on military families and the whole community by involving new and innovative community partnerships. This camp will advance national OMK goals by connecting military children, youth and families with local resources to achieve a sense ofcommunity support and enhance their well-being.
Effective start/end date2/1/118/31/11


  • Kansas State University: $50,000.00


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