Optimizing Highway/Railway At-Grade Crossing Management Practices Federal Aid Research Task no. 183

  • Rose, Jerry (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Develop and recommend. to KTC, the Ideal Cooperative Long-Term Maintenance Management program involving the Ratlway Company and the Highway Agency by defining program needs and determining acceptance of the involved parties. • Implement Optimum Highway/Railway At-Grade Crossing Management Best Practices for KTC Adoption via consultation with Cabinet staff. • Document the Efficiencies and Economical Benefits of the Cooperative Highway/Rail Crossing Renewal Process, focusing on short and long term cost benefit analysis. • Fennally define procedures and processes to Optimize Installation Practices to Expedite the Crossing Renewal Process to Minimize Inconvenience to Motorists and Exposure Risks to . Governmental Agency and Railroad Company. • Formally define procedures and processes to Optimize Design and Construction Practices to obtain Long-Life. Smooth, Safe Highway/Railway Crossings. • Convey Findings of Research Study to other State Departments of Transportation and other Governmental Agencies. • Evaluate the Effects of incorporating Cold-Mix (Emulsified) Asphalt Mixes for Crossing Substructures.
Effective start/end date10/1/1010/31/13


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