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In my research group, we have one active CNMS user proposal titled “Ferroelectric properties of KTaO3 thin films under strain”. Recently the proposal is extended and we have permission to use the experimental equipment of CNMS for another year in order to carry out the proposed research. Upon completion of our experiments, we expect to demonstrate that by straining the cubic structure of KTaO3, we can induce a new ferroelectric phase, which is useful for optoelectronic devices and non-volatile memory applications. We plan to spend approximately 2 weeks at the ORNL while performing our experiments before July 31, 2016. We have already synthesized the samples in our laboratory at the University of Kentucky. In 2014 and 2015, we carried out test experiments at the CNMS successfully. This year we plan to collect a few more data to publish a paper.
Effective start/end date3/3/168/15/17


  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities: $800.00


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