Orchard Commodity Survey

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This survey will allow us to target 6 moth pests of concern to the orchard industry, spotted lanternfly which has unfortunately been found in several states now, and one new fruit fly pest if appropriate hosts are found in or near the 9-10 orchards included in the survey. The establishment of any of these pests would have large negative impacts on the state¡¦s valuable orchard industry. The survey will accomplish the following goals: - The safeguarding of Kentucky¡¦s orchard industry against 7-8 insect pests. - Providing survey data about these pests in Kentucky. - Early detection and rapid response if these pests are found in the state. - Keeping these pests from becoming established in Kentucky. - The entry of positive/negative data into the NAPIS database.
Effective start/end date5/1/194/30/20


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $17,500.00


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