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In 2012, 552 farms in Kentucky were growing 962 acres of apples (USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service). Production ranges from approximately 7.7 million pounds harvested in 2008 (USDA NASS) to approximately 5 million pounds in recent years (kyfarmsfeedme.com). Based on a survey by a University of Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Crops Extension Professor, in recent years yields for semi-dwarf apples have ranged from 250 to 750 bu/A with an average yield of 448 bu/A. He found that dwarf apple yields have ranged from 195 bu/A (in a year with devastating frost) to 825 bu/A with an average of 550 bu/A (data from J. Strang, Univ of KY Horticulture). Farmers have been steadily earning more per pound of apples produced each year. For example, farmers earned $0.78 per pound in 2008, $0.85 per pound in 2009 and $1.02 per pound in 2015 (J. Strang, Univ of KY Horticulture). There is a high demand for locally-produced apples in Kentucky which are sold locally to restaurants and directly to consumers at roadside stands, farmer’s markets, and at Kentucky’s more than 25 U-Pick apple orchards. Many apple orchards also grow peaches, although this is not as large of a commodity in Kentucky, with 203 farms growing 371 acres of peaches in 2012 (USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service). The list of pests in this survey reflect the fact that many orchards grow both of these commodities. There is a focus on apple pests, but many of the pests have peaches as a host as well.
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