Organic food marketing:Panacea or Problem?

  • Batte, Marvin (PI)

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A national survey of food consumers was conducted during July 2011 by OSU researchers. The survey included several iterations of a choice-based conjoiny experiment to understand consumer choice for food products (breakfast cereal) with differing attributes, including product price, level of organic food certification, presence or absence of an environmentally friendly certification, and country of origin identification. The survey also elicited consumer attitudes regarding food safety, food quality and nutrition, concern for location of production, and methods used in production processing of foods. Consumer demographic infomration also was collected. The subcontractor will be responsible for statistical analyses of these data, including estimation of part-worth utilities revealed through the choice based experiments, differences in utility values for different subgroups of respondents (demographics), and by level of information provided the repsondent prior to beginning the survey.
Effective start/end date10/1/1112/31/12


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