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To serve as a designated Outreach Library for the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Outreach Libraries agree to perform the following functions on behalf of the Network: 1. Designate a librarian to serve as outreach library liaison to the Greater Midwest Region; 2. Participate in Outreach Library webinars and other collaborative activities provided for outreach librarians; 3. Assist the Regional Medical Library in the identification of underserved groups of health professionals and consumers within the state; 4. Provide unaffiliated health professionals within the state with reference services and access to collections, including access to electronic resources to the extent permitted by license agreements; 5. Provide document delivery service to unaffiliated health professionals, consumers and NN/LM Affiliate members in the state; 6. Provide training in NLM resources and databases to health professionals, librarians and consumers in the state. This may be done at the library's own initiative or in partnership with the Regional Medical Library; 7. Support the NLM and NN/LM exhibit programs by assisting in and/or supporting staffing at state exhibits coordinated by the Regional Medical Library, by informing the Regional Medical Library about possible exhibit opportunities in the state, and by exhibiting at local community events; 8. Enter NLM and NN/LM related outreach activities into the appropriate database within 30 days of the activity *; 9. Submit tally sheets to the Greater Midwest Region within 30 days after an exhibit event *; 10. Submit an annual report to the Greater Midwest Region, summarizing outreach activities undertaken by the Outreach Library during the contract previous year
Effective start/end date5/1/114/30/16


  • University of Illinois: $25,000.00


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