OVAR GEC Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Training

  • Teaster, Pamela (PI)
  • Johnson, Helen (CoI)
  • Kudrimoti, Archana (CoI)
  • Pfeifle, Andrea (CoI)
  • Reed, Deborah (CoI)

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Project Description: The proposed project is based on national and regional data and trends, and on documented workforce training needs of the OVAR/GEC region. The project objectives are to create a data base and distance learning module on falls and injury prevention; to conduct and evaluate an evidence-based falls and injury prevention clinical initiative at a nursing home which will document primary, secondary and tertiary patient data; to provide clinical training for students/residents through use of hospital-based standardized patients and clinical rotations in a geriatrics clinic and nursing home; to provide faculty/students/residents with basic geriatrics training through infusion of content into inter-professional grand rounds and courses; to conduct 25 regional CE/CME geriatrics workshops; to conduct five Train the Trainer workshops on “Teaching Certified Nursing Assistants to Care for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease” that will enable professionals to teach nurse aides to provide better care; to conduct five webinars with accompanying podcasts for agricultural health care workers who serve older farmers; and to collaborate with inter-professional GEC colleagues from CA, MO, NY, TX, and IL to provide ten workshops and five webinars on emergency preparedness and response for a national audience. In addition, a special 160-hour faculty development initiative is proposed to train and retrain faculty in Developing Clinical Competency in Dementia Management.
Effective start/end date7/1/106/30/14


  • Health Resources and Services Administration: $425,218.00


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