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Section One: THE OVARIAN CANCER PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO: 1. By June 1 of each year, submit a program plan and budget to the Council identifying how this funding will be used for expenses necessary to operate the Ovarian Cancer Program, through the teaching/training of oncology detection best practices with efficient use of public health dollars. 2. Submit a June 30th fiscal year-end detailed expenditure report to the Council by September 1st per annum outlining its activities and expenditures. 3. Provide free screening at six locations in Fayette, Floyd, Hardin, Mason, Pulaski, and McCracken counties, including further diagnostic hematologic studies (CA-125) for women with sonographically-confirmed ovarian tumors and who are without adequate medical financial coverage. 4. Advertise screening dates and times in local medica in Fayette, Floyd, Hardin, Mason, Pulaski, McCracken, and surrounding counties to facilitate patient access to these screening services close to home. 5. Provide educational materials at the screening sites concerning women's cancer. 6. Educate ultrasound student technicians and gynecology oncology fellows in ovarian sonography and principles of ovarian screening. 7. Provide employment to sonographers and a program coordinator to assure programmatic success.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $815,732.00


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