Paducah Gaseous Diffusion ("Agreement in Principal" [AIP] portion)

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TASK I General Assessment: KWRRI will continue to assess for CHS the following technical areas: 1. Surface and ground water flow systems at the PGDP. 2. The nature and extent of contamination at the PGDP that has the potential to impact public health. 3. PGDP ground water monitoring systems as related to remedial actions and public health assessment. 4. Technical review and comment on all sampling and analysis plans, feasibility studies, remedial designs, risk assessments, treatability studies and innovative technology assessment. 5. Review and comment on all remedial project and activity related documents published and/or referenced by the 0< and/or it's contractors. 6. Review and evaluate all Core and Core Project Team activities as related to remedial activities at PGDP. TASK" Specific Tasks: KWRRI will provide comments and responses on the review, evaluation, and assessment of reports, documents, and work for PGDP including special projects and tasks assigned by the Radiation Health and Toxic Agents Branch. Repo documents, and work to be reviewed and evaluated are individual studies performed by the DOE and/or its contractor~ related to items outlined in the Summary of Major Deliverables for the PGDP presented above. All task time lines are delineated by the DOE and not by CHS staff. Task activity will be assigned with a date of receip KWRRI and a due date to CHS. The Radiation Health and Toxic Agents Branch, Chemist IV does not have control OVI time lines for all PGDP environmental activities and all tasks shall be submitted on the schedules established by the 01 where applicable. At the time of task assignment the level of analysis will also be determined by the KWRRI project coordinator in order to meet DOE time lines.
Effective start/end date7/1/056/30/06


  • KY Department for Public Health: $154,893.00


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