Parks Highway MP 237 Riley Creek Bridge Replacement

  • Bemis, Sean (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The purpose of this Agreement is to provide geophysical interpretation and analysis relating to the Hines Creek fault near the Riley Creek bridge site for the Department's use in developing engineering designs for the bridge replacement project. SCOPE OF WORK a. The University will provide the Department with geophysical data and interpretation of the Hines Creek fault, to include the following information: (1) Predicted fault recurrence interval (2) Predicted fault magnitude potential (3) Predicted rate of movement along the fault over the expected life span of the bridge, in inches/year (4) Physical fault characteristics to include: (a) Type (i.e. strike-slip, hanging wall, etc.) (b) Direction of movement (i.e. parallel to fault, vertical component, etc.) (5) Additional site specific seismic behavior (examples include near-fault fling, directionality) b. The Department will provide the University with its geotechnical and geophysical investigation data, including foundation drill logs and results of the geophysical field investigation at the bridge site.
Effective start/end date11/13/1210/30/13


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