PARSS - Second Site, RSF 33

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The objective of this project is to increase the utilization of the P ARSS methodology by installing LPR technology to identify vehicles and motor carriers in the PRISM Target File and provide training to officers and inspectors in its use at an additional fIxed weigh/inspection station in Kentucky where the resources needed to identify every vehicle are lacking. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Vehicle Regulation, Division of Motor Carriers will work closely with KSP/CVE administration to identify the ideal location for this new installation. Initially the new site will incorporate only LPR and scene camera technology to perform automated screening and selection of commercial vehicles within the weigh/inspection for enhanced inspection based on the catTier's status in MCSIP. The Kentucky Clearinghouse and the Kentucky CVIEW will provide data sources to determine whether or not the vehicle is in the PRISM Target File.
Effective start/end date3/1/128/31/13


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $210,000.00


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