Participant Support Scope: Graduate Scholars in Mathematics at the University of Kentucky

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The Graduate Scholars in Mathematics (GSM) program will support incoming graduate students in Mathematics at the University of Kentucky (UK) for the first two of an estimated five years of doctoral study. Our goal is to increase the participation of female, minority, and Appalachian students in the Mathematical Sciences and to educate a new generation of academic and STEM workforce leaders for the Appalachian region. Intellectual Merit: This program will provide rigorous pre-professional training in advanced mathematics and provide participants with an early introduction to research in Mathematics. By connecting GSM fellows with UK alumni who are established mathematics professionals, it will inform and expand their career interests and help them prepare for successful careers as educators and practitioners of Mathematics. The program will recruit 5-6 new GSM fellows each year out of an incoming class of 12-15 students. Each GSM fellow will receive (1) a one-semester fellowship during each of the first two academic years which will provide the fellow additional time to participate in programs structured to provide academic preparation and pre-professional training; (2) summer research fellowships in the summers of years 1 and 2 to advance into research; (3) support for travel to professional meetings to present the results of their research and network with professionals in the Mathematical sciences. These supports will (1) help GSM fellows complete the required preliminary examinations in Mathematics by the end of the second year, reducing time-to-degree, (2) give GSM fellows an early introduction to research and advanced teaching methods, and (3) help fellows network with established professionals and become a part of the national mathematical community. Additional supports funded by the GSM program include: (1) an extended orientation for the first year of graduate work, (2) an intensive three-week review course for preliminary examinations in Algebra and Analysis in the spring of the first year, and (3) a further review course in the second year covering more specialized examinations. These programs will serve to give students a thorough and rigorous grounding in proof-oriented mathematics. Broader Impact: Of nearly 200 doctoral graduates in Mathematics at the University of Kentucky since 1971, 32 doctoral graduates have become faculty members and academic leaders in the Ohio Valley, Appalachian, and Southeast region. These graduates include four current department chairs, faculty members at six regional universities and three private colleges in Kentucky, and faculty at Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee. Twelve of these 32 doctoral graduates received their degrees during the decade 2000-2009. Building on this foundation together with a long history of outreach to the Appalachian K-12 programs, private colleges, and regional universities, the Department of Mathematics will offer scholarship support to 28 doctoral students in Mathematics who will help form a new generation of leadership in mathematics education and the STEM workforce with a focus on the Appalachian region. These graduates will begin their careers with extensive pre-service training in effective teaching methods, established connections with the national mathematical community, and the experience of doing original mathematical work with a nationally recognized research faculty in mathematics.
Effective start/end date8/15/147/31/21


  • National Science Foundation


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