Participation, Review and Assistance with KIDS

  • Clements, Stephen (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


?11 KIDS: Serve 85 I!I member of the analysis team for the Educatbnal Professional Standards Board (EPSB); participat~ in reviews of existing systems to determine applicability; assist in rEviewing and validating a comprehensive education d$ta catalog; assist in data access strategies for EPSB data; participate n system testing; assist in understanding the use of KI~S to evaluate teacher performance, teacher preparation programs ar d alternative certification programs; participate in proj~ct needs definition to influence the design of the technical architecturE· and infrastructure; assist in gathering and use of dat~ in KIDS system; serve 8S KIDS spokesperson and advocate for utllizet on of KIDS. : ?B Calendar Study: Analyze school calendar data to delermine ptlssible long term trends; define calendar types based pn original analysis; analyze possible correlations between school cale1dars and other school district data including a) acader1'ic performance. b) extra curricular activities, c) operations and finalee; create survey to determine parent and commuriity acceptance and support for school district calendars; analyze result; of survey; assist in the creation of a report reflecting l1e positive and negative impact to academic performance, extra cu "liclilar activities and operations and finance of vary~ school calendars in Kentucky. ?B Research: Other student related research initiatives as determin Jd by KDE.
Effective start/end date9/1/066/30/07


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