Partnership for Preparing Rehabilitation Counselors for Public Rehabilitation Employment: A Long Term Training Program

  • Crystal, Ralph (PI)
  • Bishop, Malachy (CoI)
  • Feist-Price, Sonja (CoI)
  • Harley, Debra (CoI)
  • Rogers, Jackie (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky (UK-RCP) is pleased to submit this application for a long term (five-year) training grant (CFDA NUMBER: 84.129B) for a master's level rehabilitation counselor education program. As the only rehabilitation counseling program in Kentucky the UK-RCP has a tradition of a strong partnership with Kentucky's two State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies. Weare committed to maintaining this relationship and meeting the recruitment needs of these agencies through collaborative efforts to increase the number of graduates who seek employment in State VR agencies. The UK-RCP is committed to recruiting and training individuals so as to reflect the population of the United States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The UK-RCP has consistently taken affirmative steps to increase the number of students with disabilities and the number of students from culturally diverse backgrounds. These efforts are evidenced in the University Scholars Program and the Endorsement Curriculum, both of which are programs we have developed with Kentucky State University (KSU), the State's historically Black university. The UK-RCP's primary objectives for the proposed Project-include: (a) the preparation of 60 masters level rehabilitation counselors during the five year project period, (b) the recruitment of high quality students, especially students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, and students with disabilities, (c) collaborate with public VR agencies and KSU, and therefore (d) increase the number of rehabilitation counseling professionals available to provide services in public rehabilitation programs. The training emphasis is on increasing the knowledge of students of the role and responsibilities of the VR counselor, severe disabilities, and of the benefits of rehabilitation counseling in State VR agencies. Embedded throughout the program are student immersion experiences with persons with disabilities. .
Effective start/end date9/1/038/31/09


  • Rehabilitation Services Administration: $749,685.00


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