Partnership Project in American Studies: University of Kentucky and National University of Kyrgyzstan

  • Deyoung, Alan (PI)
  • Brunn, Stanley (CoI)
  • Stapleton, Kristin (CoI)

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a. Strengthening American Studies and International Relations Teaching: a Collaborative Project between the Kyrgyz State National University and the University of Kentucky b. We propose a partnership with Kyrgyz State National University ( KGNU) to help them develop and expand their new specialization in American Studies, as well as their larger International Relations major. American Studies is a new specialization in the existing Faculty of International Relations, a specialization partly created with the help of the US Embassy and several visiting Fulbright Scholars since 2000. Both American Studies and International Relations exist within the Institute for Integration of International Educational Programs. The Institute was created at KGNU in 1995, and it has several impressive international linkages with European universities. We propose to assist current faculty in the American Studies and International Relations fields by helping them to develop curricula and critical thinking teaching methodologies in several ways. In addition to sending six different UK faculty as visiting professors to KGNU, we also propose to host six visiting scholars for semester-long training periods over the three year term of the grant. We also intend to establish on-line working networks between American Studies faculty at KGNU and their UK mentors during this project; to contribute materials and equipment to the new American Studies Resource and Training Center at KGNU, and to "network" the American Studies collaboration we help solidify to the several other fledgling American Studies programs in beginning conversations with KGNU (Arabaev University; AUK and Slavonic University). These three universities are already being urged to collaborate in such work by the US Embassy, yet they all1ack technical assistance for so doing. Several key factors promise a successful project. For example, UK has a history of successful work with institutions of higher education in Central Asia since 1995. Every proposed US visitor has already traveled and taught in NIS republics previously. Also, both the PI and Co-PI have recently taught in Kyrgyz universities. The PI for this project was a Fulbright Scholar in Bishkek in 200 1, and advised earlier on implementation strategies of the target program. As well, all involved KGNU faculty are multilingual and fluent in English: they are able to undertake intensive and extensive new preparations in American Studies and to travel to the US. c. The ukimate objective of this partnership is to put in place strong and quality undergraduate program in American Studies and International Relations that will prepare students for enrollment in graduate progral11Sin international universities or immediate employment in local, national, and regional administrative and policy positions. The project is designed to assist Kyrgyz facuhy in teaching and preparing for course work in international affairs, American studies, western economic systems and democratic models. We plan to teach students the methods, skills, and concepts needed to prepare for positions in the public and private sectors. The success of this program is already high priority to the US Embassy in Bishkek.
Effective start/end date9/17/038/31/06


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