PASI: Analysis and Probability in Quantum Physics

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\Ve propose t.o organize a Pall-American AdYi:l1lced Studies Institute 011 the SFln .Joa(pIin Campns of the Pontificia Univrrsioao Cat61ica dr: Chil(' in Santiago, Chile. on the topic of Analysis and Probability in Quantum Physics. The program is planned for the two week period 22 July- 4 August 2006, just before the 200G Illternational COllgress of I\lathematical Physics ill Rio de Jauciro, Brazil. '1'11(>fi(~ld of lTIal hemal ieal physics has grmvn subst.antially in the last ten .w~ars. This school will provide the basis for :voung researchers frolll the Americos so that they lIIay umlcrstand the n:ccnt developmcnts that \vilJ lw hig-hlighted dl1ring t.he :'IC'concl w('ck \vorkshop and at t hc International Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The program for first \veek will consist of 6 [our-hour long ad\'illH'ed mini-courses on modern topics in mathematical physics of atoms and Il!ull't'ules including the theor:v of quantum resonances, prolmhilistic lIlethods, qlli=tnl1lm I ransj)ort, S(:}lri)dillg-er operators ill external fields. the st abiJity of matter and quantum field theory. These courses will be supplemented by short pn:scl}tatiol1s by the students of their own research. The lecturers ore oistingl1islwd r('sC'Ctrdwrs frolll t.h(' Anwriras. The second wef'k's progralll will consist of an intensive workshop \vith leading researchers from around the world. This wi]1 provide the students with the opportunity to interact \\'ith researchers in a cOllcelltratcd ellviroI11I1PHt.. \Ye hOfJe that this scbool and works bop will fo~t.el' tht' dt'velopment. of yonn.e; researchers in l.hf' Americas and further ('xchangc and collaborations between mathematicians in t.he Americas,
Effective start/end date10/1/059/30/08


  • National Science Foundation: $95,000.00


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