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UK OVR PATH 2024-2026 Abstract For the past seven years, the University of Kentucky (UK) Visual Impairment Program and Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) have offered the annual pre-employment summer program titled: Plans to Achieve Transition (PATH). This program is intended for high school students who have just completed their sophomore or junior year and are blind, visually impaired, or Deafblind. It focuses on employability and blindness skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC), such as braille, orientation and mobility, technology, social skills, and home management skills. In July of 2022, after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, PATH returned to in-person with a one-week summer session at the University of Kentucky campus and a Fall and Spring weekend retreat at various locations across Kentucky. UK OVR PATH 2024-2026
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/26


  • KY Workforce Development Cabinet: $238,699.00


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