Pathophysiology of sensory and sympathetic neurons in SCI-induced autonomic dysreflexia

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This proposal will use a subcontract to Alexander G. Rabchevsky, Ph.D .• faculty at University of KY. Collaboration between UofL and UK labs is pennitted (encouraged) by the sponsor -KY Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research Trust (KSCHIRT). The Rabchevsky lab will be responsible for the initial spinal cord injury surgeries. animal care, placement of telemetry probes, monitoring of telemetry data, execution of evoked-autonomic dysreflexia experiments. analysis of all cardiopbysiology data, shipment of animals to UofL. and coordination with Dr. Petruska for joint analysis ofdata and preparation of reports. J r:
Effective start/end date1/15/111/14/15


  • University of Louisville: $146,874.00


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