Pavement and Bridge Deck Condition Assessment of I-65 FRT 192

  • Rister, Bradley (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Objectives of Study: A.) To perform an assessment of the existing pavement condition, the underlying sub-grade condition, and quantify the asphalt pavement thickness over the underlying concrete pavement on 1-65 mileposts 131.40 to 135.14 using ground penetrating radar. Participate in project meetings with KYTC in defining the best overall design for rehabilitation. B.) To perform an assessment of the existing bridge deck condition for twenty-one bridges between mileposts 131.4 to 135.14. The bridge deck condition assessment will be performed in the left and right wheel paths of each lane using ground penetrating radar. Although more passes per lane would enhance the quality of the data, it is believed that a minimum of two passes per lane will help generalize the amount of bridge deck replacement necessary for design purposes.
Effective start/end date11/20/116/30/12


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