Pedestrian Injury Prevention Action Team Program

  • McCool, Robert (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Safe States Alliance, operating under a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will fund up to four state injury and violence prevention (IVP) programs to conduct pedestrian safety programs in their states. The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) is a bona fide agent for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) and is the designated public health IVP program for Kentucky. Applicants must assemble a pedestrian injury prevention action team (PIPAT) of four to six members, including a state IVP program representative, a state highway safety representative, a local public health department representative, and a local highway safety representative, as well as up to two additional personnel. PIPAT members must attend a mandatory, three day training seminar in Washington, DC that is planned for late March, 2014. Travel costs for attendance at the training seminar will be paid directly by SSA and will not be charged to the project budget. During the seminar, team members will develop a four to eight hour pedestrian safety training course that they will then deliver to key officials and community members in three communities in their state. The three selected communities will also received funding (which must total at least half of the project award amount) to support pedestrian safety education and/or enforcement enhancements to their existing pedestrian safety programs. Team members will also serve as advisors to the project communities upon request. The project manager will prepare and submit regular reports to SSA detailing project activities. KIPRC will carry out the required activities detailed above, including project management and reporting. In addition to supporting the required funding for local community projects and 10% effort by the principal investigator to manage the project and perform required reporting, project funds willed be utilized to support in-state travel for team members to carry out the required community training and technical support tasks. Project funds are also budgeted for handouts and other participant materials for the local pedestrian safety training courses. Team member time, other than 10% funding for the principal investigator, will be provided by their respective employers (state and local agencies) and will not be charged to the project budget
Effective start/end date8/1/149/30/15


  • Safe States Alliance: $35,000.00


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