Pediatric and Adolescent Injury Prevention Program

  • Pollack, Susan (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


SCOPE OF WORK The Second Party agrees to: Continuously collaborate with local health departments to provide information supportive to injury prevention groups at the local level, including the provision of linkages of people in working with Family Resource Centers, health educators and school health nurses. Contact a minimum of one health department that identified injury as a priority in its yearly plan and offer assistance for meeting that goal. Report: A listing of local health departments to which collaborative services were provided including the health department offered assistance. Continue with the creation of two new training modules: one on AU Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and one on Graduated Drivers licensing (GDL). Report: A written outline of the developed training presentations for each module and the locations and number of participants. Provide injury prevention training to public health professionals; develop four (4) injury epidemiology/prevention displays for state level conferences; contact Helen Frazier Planners regarding possible oral presentations at state conferences. Report: A copy of the training schedule or a written description of achieved training that meets this requirement. Attend relevant injury prevention coalition meetings and advises the Division of Adult and Child Health (ACH) of these efforts and activities. Report: A written summary of the meetings attended within one week of attending them identifying any significant initiatives implemented as a result. Support child passenger safety in Kentucky through the provision of education of professionals and support of programs geared toward child passenger safety. Report: The locations and number of participants at each location of presentations. Provide continuing education to health professionals training at UK and expand to other geographic sites. Provide three columns a year on injury prevention issues to the Kentucky Pediatric Society newsletter, and at least one to the Family Practice newsletter. Report: Locations and number of participants at each location of presentations and copies of the newsletter articles. Work with the Early Childhood Initiative to provide information and resources on injury prevention. These specific activities include 1) work with the HANDS home visitation program; 2) Serve as consultant on injury prevention issues for the Healthy Start program to Child Care Health Consultants; (3) Provide a minimum of one annual continuing education session on injury prevention to the Healthy Start program consultants and 4) Provide the consultants with four injury prevention news articles per year. Report: Copies of the news articles; a listing of health departments participating in the HANDS and Healthy Start programs, and the locations and number of participants at each location of presentations. Support the state Child Fatality Review Team by attending meetings, actively contributing toward meeting goals identified by the team and submitting articles as requested by the Department of Public Health, ACH, for the Kentucky Child Fatality Review Annual Report. Report: Submits reports related to the state Child Fatality Review Team participation. Provide information in educational materials and presentations on the importance of 1) Avoiding tobacco use as related to health issues; 2) The importance of avoiding exposure to second hand smoke; 3) The implications of smoking related to fire hazards: and 4) The promotion of the removal of the discrepancy in tobacco-related diseases in minority, economically disadvantaged and rural populations. Reports: Copies of printed educational articles or the locations and number of participants at each location of presentations. Provide sixty percent (60%) of time toward supporting the National Safe Kids Program injury prevention goals and objectives in Kentucky based projects. Report: A written summary regarding locations and a description of projects. This is the master agreement. No other scope of work available.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


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