Pediatric Heart Network Joint Heart Program Consortium

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ABSTRACT This application for a Clinical Research Center (CRC) within the Pediatric Heart Network (PHN) comes from the Joint Pediatric and Congenital Heart Program between Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCHMC) and the University of Kentucky (UK). The Joint Program serves an area of the country with unique health, social, and economic challenges and has unique expertise and experience in multicenter cardiovascular disease research. We have the following specific aims for this application. AIM 1. Enroll and retain research participants who will enhance the diversity of PHN studies. AIM 2. Develop and implement new clinical and translational research protocols, and AIM 3. Support the development of the next pediatric and adult congenital research workforce.
Effective start/end date1/1/2412/31/30


  • Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center: $137,524.00


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