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PROJECT SUMMARY (30 lines of text) There is a significant gap in clinical knowledge on the applicability of targeted therapies and the prognostic value of molecular profiling determinants in pediatric brain tumor patients. We propose a prospective study of next generation sequencing and germline testing for all pediatric brain tumor patients in the state of Kentucky. Understanding regional differences in genetic expression may yield significant contributions in daily clinical practice. Our multidisciplinary and multiinstitutional approach will create a network of providers to ensure all patients diagnosed in Kentucky undergo genetic testing, and each case will be discussed during pediatric molecular tumor board if actionable mutations are found. The information from this testing will be included in a state-wide population registry, that will allow for future retrospective studies on outcomes and will help in understanding these diseases in our patient population.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $92,738.00


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