Performance Evaluation of Carbon Rebars in Bridge Decks: Federal Aid Research Task No. 102

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CFRP rods provide an environmentally inert alternative to steel reinforcement. Typically epoxy coated reinforcement is utilized, but placed with a minimum top cover of 60 rom to provide additional protection from the deleterious effects of deicing chemicals. Consequently, the top mat of reinforcement cannot efficiently limit the very cracks it is intended to control. CFRP reinforcement with a top cover of 40 mm will provide increased bending strength and limit crack width and crack depth. Reduction in crack width and depth impedes the penetration of chlorides into the slab; thereby, protecting the concrete itself and the bottom mat of epoxy coated reinforcement. Increasing the service life ofthe bridge slab reduces maintenance costs associated with rehabilitation or replacement along with user costs resulting from construction related traffic congestion. III. Objectives 2 The objectives ofthis research are: (1)- Conduct laboratory testing on CFRP Rebars; (2)- Design to top mat reinforcement in the Clark County bridge located on county road 5210 over Two Mile Creek; (3)- Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the CFRP rebars for a two year period. IV. Time Estimate It is anticipated that three years will be required to complete the objectives outlined by this proposal.
Effective start/end date7/1/006/30/05


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $75,000.00


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