Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky

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Small grain production is an important component of Kentucky’s agricultural economy. New wheat, barley, and oat varieties are continually being developed by breeders. In order to maximize the profitability of small grain production, annual evaluation of varieties is needed to help farmers select varieties with superior agronomic performance. Grain yield and test weight, as well as straw and forage yield are directly related to crop income, but varietal traits, such as plant height, lodging potential, maturity, and disease resistance are also important management-related components of profitability. The UK Small Grain Variety Testing Program annually evaluates the agronomic performance, general adaptability and pest resistance of small grain varieties grown in Kentucky. Support of the UK Small Grain Variety Testing program is essential for the programs long term sustainability, and ability to function and release a quality product annually to growers in a timely manner.
Effective start/end date9/1/1512/31/16


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $20,000.00


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