Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky

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Objectives: 1. To determine the agronomic performance, general adaptability, and disease reaction of wheat, barley, triticale, cereal rye and oat varieties in Kentucky. 2. To disseminate results to growers, extension agents, and agri-industry via electronic and printed format. Benefit to Kentucky Wheat Growers Many University of Kentucky agriculture research projects/programs benefit Kentucky's growers. The UK Small Grain Variety Testing Program is unique in that it exists almost exclusively for Kentucky's small grain growers and its goal is to maximize farm profitability by means of proper variety selection. Variety selection is recognized as the simplest and most cost effective way to maximize productivity and profitability.
Effective start/end date9/1/1712/31/18


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $12,133.00


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