Person-Centered Training for Services to Students with Deaf Blindness

Grants and Contracts Details


This is a state agreement: Description of project: The vendor will provide two (2) statewide trainings for Low Incidence Technical Assistance Providers I Consultants. These Providers I Consultants will deliver services on behalf of students in Kentucky classrooms who have complex impairments. Complex impairments is defined as: deaf-blind, deaf-blind with other disabilities. deaf or hard of hearing with other Idisabilities, and blind or visually impaired with other disabilities. The emphasis will be on methods for assessing these students and designing educational programs that target their unique learning needs. This activity is being conducted to support outcomes identified in the Kentucky Department of Education Implementation Plan for students who have sensory losses. Training will be delivered on-site as well as through alternative formats including the use of distance learning technology. Part 1 of the training will be delivered via distance learning and wilt take plac:e 1 day per month for a total of seven (7) days. Part 2 of the training will be Iconducted on-site for five (5) consecutive days in 1he Summer 2006. There will be a total of twelve (12) training days. The training '11 be provided to forty (40) individuals.
Effective start/end date7/1/056/30/06


  • KY Department of Education: $24,840.00


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