Pesticide Applicator Training -- Private Applicator Database

  • Townsend, Lee (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


_ Work with the Pesticide Applicator Training Information Management (PATIM) program to provide quality control for incoming county databases. This includes checking for blank data fields, errors in certification numbers, certification expiration dates, etc. _ Manage P A TIM databases received from the counties. Generate the list of private applicators that will be given to the Division of Pesticides according to the agreement between the College of Agriculture and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. _ Provide technical support to the county offices on questions about the program. _ Provide reports on numbers of applicators trained, numbers of training sessions, and numbers of expiring certifications. These data will be used in reports to the PAT office in Washington and to provide materials needed for the program. Over 35,000 Kentuckians currently are certified as private pesticide applicators as a result of attending training sessions conducted by agents of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. These agents train about 4,000 fanners each year in sessions conducted at all 120 county extension offices. A database of applicators is maintained in each county using software developed in the UK entomology department as part of an agreement with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and certification cards are provided to trained applicators so that they can buy and apply pesticides designated as Restricted Use by the Environmental Protection Agency. The databases are transmitted from counties to the department via e-mail, checked for errors, and entered into a master database. A copy of this database is provided to the KDA as a part of the agreement. Consequently, the issuance of training documentation occurs in an economical and efficient manner. Under the terms of this agreement, the department of entomology maintains the databases and P A TIM software and provides timely reports to the KDA.
Effective start/end date7/1/049/30/06


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