Phase I Archaeological Survey and Phase II Testing for Sewer Line Changes, Green River State Park

  • Ahler, Steven (PI)

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200906111559Introduction This proposal has been prepared in response to a request by Mr. Frank Phillips of the Kentucky Finance and Administration CabinetLfor a proposal and cost estimate for conducting a Phase I archaeological survey of proposed sewer line replacement in the Green River State Park in Taylor County, Kentucky. This investigation is intended to provide specific information concerning the presence of historic or prehistoric archaeological resources within the proposed construction corridors and to evaluate any archaeological sites for their potential eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRITP). The work that is proposed will include a review of the existing archaeological sites and an evaluation of the extant documentary and cartographic sources relevant to the project area. This information will serve as the basis for the design and completion of a Phase I archaeological survey, using a combination of surface and subsurface investigative techniques~
Effective start/end date6/5/0912/31/09


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