Phase I Archaeological Survey, Bridge and Approaches over Motts Lick Creek on KY 3201, Logan County, Kentucky State Item No. 3-1064.00-FRT

  • Ahler, Steven (PI)

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LULL UUU~.' Liuli This proposal has been prepared in response to a request from staff of the ICYTC for a proposal and cost estimate for conducting a Phase I archaeological survey for a proposed replacement of the bridge that spans Motts Lick Creek on KY Highway 3201 in Logan County, Kentucky. This investigation is intended to provide specific information concerning the nature and distribution of cultural resources within the project area, with particular attention paid to the potential impact to a site that may lie within the project boundaries. The presence of the site has been noted by KYTC DEA archaeologists, but it has not been formally reported to the Kentucky Office of State Archaeology (OSA). Thç work that is proposed will include a formal documentation and reporting of this site to the OSA, assessment of the impact (if any) that proposed construction will have on the site area, and evaluation of the site's potential eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The work will also include evaluation of the documentary and cartographic sources pertaining to the project area and its vicinity. This information will serve as the basis for the design and completion of a Phase I archaeological survey, using a combination of surface and subsurface investigative techniques. Description of Project Area The proposed project involves archaeological survey of a proposed new approach and bridge location, including a construction easements and new right-of-way (ROW), needed for replacement of the bridge that spans Motts Lick Creek along KY Highway 3201 in Logan County, Kentucky. The project area is a corridor measuring between 40 and 149 feet in width (average width of about 112 feet (34 meters) and about 919 feet (280 meters) long. The total surface area of the Foject is about 2.31 acres (0.96 ha), though the existing KY 3201 roadway runs through the length of the project area. The current roadway runs generally N-S but includes a series of sharp turns that will be replaced by a differently configured approach. The project area Motts Lick Creek, which has very high sinuosity and a wide flood plain, especially on the south side of the bridge location (south half of the project area). The work will focus on conducting standard archaeological survey of the proposed project area. The maps supplied by KYTC and the calculated dimensions of the affected area are the basis for construction of the time and cost estimate presented below. The project area includes a mixture of upland and alluvial settings, so deep testing of depositional environments will be required for part of the project area. The current ground cover is also mixed, but most of the area is in woods or pasture, which will require shovel testing. One agricultural field on the southwest quadrant of the project area has adequate surface visibility for survey using visual inspection. KYTC DEA archaeologists reported a lithic scatter in this agricultural field after preliminary inspection of the project area. This scatter is about 50-100 feet southwest of the Motts Lick Bridge. No artifacts were collected at the time, but several flakes were observed at the surface. This site has not been previously documented in the OSA site files. Part of the UK-PAR work will be to document this site and collect material.
Effective start/end date3/3/085/16/09


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