Phase I Archaeological Survey - Industrial Park Access Road, Warren County, Kentucky - Item No. 3-16.0


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This proposal has been prepared in response to a request from staff of KYTC for a Phase I Archaeological Survey proposa1 for work on the Industrial Park Access Road Project in Warren County, KY. This investigation is intended to provide specific information concerning the nature and distribution of potential archaeological resources within the project area. The work that is proposed will include a review of the existing archaeological sites and aX). evaluation of the. extant documentary and cartographic sources pertaining to the project area (see Trader 2003) . This information wi~l serve as the basis for the design and completion of a Phase I archaeological survey, using both surface and subsu.rface investigative techniques. Description of proiect Area The proposed project involves survey work for a new access for a proposed industrial park The work includes new access roadway. corridor. The project runs north from KY 68-80 and connects with U.S. 31-W. The project consists of one access road, 4,700-ft. long and 100 ft- The project area crosses karstic terrain filled with small sinkholes; much of the area is used as agricultural land for cuI t.ivat.ion or pasture. The proj ect area is at an elevation of approximately 500--600 ft. amsl. Description of Services to be Performed A. Review of Available Data The background research that will be conducted as par.t of this planning survey will consist of a thorough review of the available archaeological and historical information pertinent to the project area which will include (most of this work has been completed in a previous background study, see Trader 2003) : . 1) Inspection of the Office of State Archaeology site files and reports for archaeological sites recorded within the study area; . 2 ) A synthesis of the professional archaeological work condu.cted in nearby areas as it may relate to the understanding of resources within the project area. 3 ) A preliminary analysis of the area'S environmental characteristics that may aid in understanding the locational patterning of prehistoric sites.
Effective start/end date1/7/0410/19/04


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