PL 39, Updating Congestion Performance Measures for SHIFT 2022 - Scope

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Abstract PL39, Updating Congestion Performance Measures for SHIFT 2022 The objective of the study is to assist KYTC to acquire the 2018-2019 probe vehicle data, update the association between the third-party network and HIS links, and update the congestion measure for SHIFT 2022. Major study components include: Acquire 2018-2019 HERE speed data set for roadways in Kentucky. Perform quality screening of the data set and produce statistics of temporal and spatial coverage. Run the conflation process developed previously to link the HERE’s Streets network with KYTC’s HIS network and perform QA/QC to ensure conflation accuracy; and Calculate the congestion measure for Statewide network segmented at around ¼ mile to assist stakeholders identify congestion hot spots and SHIFT 2022 sponsored projects.
Effective start/end date4/1/206/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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