PL 41, SHIFT Improvement Tasks 2022 FY

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Abstract PL 41, SHIFT Improvement Tasks 2022 FY The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet developed the Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT) to compare and prioritize transportation projects for inclusion in the state highway plan. It is based on metrics in five categories: safety, asset management, congestion, economic growth and benefit/cost. With two SHIFT cycles complete, we now have an opportunity to evaluate what has worked in the current process, and what could be improved. In this project, we propose the improvement of other SHIFT methodologies and metrics (economic impact and roadway characteristics, specifically roadside attributes) as well as to investigate the introduction of a travel time reliability measure for SHIFT 2024. The benefit cost metric will also be evaluated and improved, and considered as a potential overall metric for evaluating projects in SHIFT. A related parallel project, SPR 22-622: Review and Validation of Current SHIFT Methodologies, is evaluating uncertainty in SHIFT metrics and evaluating the overall structure of SHIFT. That two-year project will coordinate the tasks in this PL-41 project and integrate its findings. Previous projects have evaluated and improved safety and congestion metrics for SHIFT 2022. Therefore, safety and congestion will be re- evaluated and continuously improved in odd numbered fiscal years.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/23


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $665,607.00


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