PL 43: Traffic Forecasting Report 2023

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Abstract PL 43, Traffic Forecasting Report 2023 Problem Statement The sixth edition of Traffic Forecasting Report was produced in 2008. It has since become an important reference document for providing critical information needed in planning studies, such as hourly volume factors, day of week and monthly ADT factors, truck volumes and percentages, and average growth rates by functional class. It is still being extensively used by researchers and consultants working on the KYTC projects. Those factors were derived mainly from 2005-2007 traffic count data, which are outdated and no longer reflective of current traffic conditions across the state. Objective and Scope The objective of the study is to update these factors with more recent traffic count data and create the seventh edition of Traffic Forecasting Report. Major study components include: 1. Compile data sets similar to those used in the 2007 report. 2. Perform quality assessment of the data sets. 3. Update the factors in the 2007 report with cleaned data. 4. Evaluate KYTC’s turning movement tool to ensure NCHRP methodology compliance. 5. Produce the seventh edition of Traffic Forecasting Report.
Effective start/end date7/1/2212/31/23


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $85,442.00


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