PL 50, Developing a Tracking and Coordination System for Project Plans

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Abstract PL, 50 Developing a Tracking and Coordination System for Project Plans The Division of Planning, Strategic Planning Branch, and Corridor Team produce more than 15 technical engineering studies each year. These include corridor studies, small urban area (SUA) studies, interchange justification studies, scoping studies, and others. The funding for these studies usually comes from one of three sources: Kentucky’s Six Year Enacted Highway Plan, PL Discretionary funds awarded by the MPO Council, and SPR Chapter 7 funds. Projects from these studies will occasionally be lost, forgotten, or have significant portions of the legwork duplicated by future project teams. Staffing changes, budget considerations, consultant changes, and other factors all contribute to this disconnect. For instance, it is exceedingly rare for a project to maintain its Item Number from planning to construction. SPR-funded studies do not have an Item Number. PL-funded studies are assigned an Item number, but there is no future funding readily available and, if monies are allocated, they will usually be under a different item number. The institutionalization of “project sheets” for projects has encouraged planners at the HDOs, MPOs, and ADDs to insert study recommendations into CHAF/PDP. However, the funding and personnel lags mentioned above conspire to allow the specifics of the potential project to fade from memory – especially if planning staff at Central Office and the Districts are not involved in project scoping. Some studies (such as SUAs) result in potential projects/improvements that fall outside of the capital “SHIFT” program that influences larger projects. These projects, such as tree trimming or roadway reconfiguration, are typically done by the District using maintenance funds. However, this relies on staff outside of project development being aware of the project (or remembering later if money/resurfacing timelines aren’t feasible when the study is completed). Simple fixes like restriping turn lanes recommended in a study may not be included in a resurfacing contract, for example. The objective of the proposed research is to develop procedures or a tracking system for project plans to avoid unnecessary or duplicative work and make better use of planning products.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $80,199.00


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