PL22 Methodology Update for Estimating Volume to Service Flow Ratio

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Volume to service flow (VSF) ratio is an item calculated by the HPMS software as an indicator of peak hour congestion. It has been used as an essential input to KYTC’s key planning applications such as highway adequacy rating. After FHWA’s reassessment of HPMS, the standalone HPMS software (based on HCM2000) is no longer supported and the capacity and VSF calculations have been moved to the server side. The proposed research aims to update the methodology of estimating capacity and VSF based on HCM 2010. Sensitivity analysis will be conducted to assess the significance of the input data items, and data items required for improved methodology will be identified.
Effective start/end date1/1/046/30/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $46,196.00


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