Planning a Remotely Operated Astronomical Observatory in Australia

  • Bhavsar, Suketu (PI)

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This proposal describes the potential for the University of Kentucky to establish a research grade robotic observatory in the Southern Hemisphere. The telescope will be directed from the University of Kentucky by computer linkage in real time. University of Kenrncky students and researchers, and any other Kenrncky citizen, will be able to take advantage of actual viev,~ng of the spectacular southern skies. In building such an observatory: 1) We would have a perfect observing site adjacent to Siding Spring Observatory, Australia's national observing facility, the site of the Anglo-Australian telescope. No pollution, dark skies, and clear nights would provide for excellent "seeing." 2) Night in Australia is day here. University students as well as K-12 studems from Kentucky would be able to work on the telescope and observe the night sky during school hours, something we could not possibly accomplish with a local observatory. 3) The magnificent Southern Skies would be observable with this telescope. Many famous astronomical objects, Sirius, Alpha-Centauri, the Magellanic Clouds etc. are Southern objects. This is an unique opportunity for Kenrncky, innovative and trail blazing. 'We could create international collaboratio
Effective start/end date5/1/048/30/05


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