Planning Study 27, Collection and Analysis of 2013-14 Travel Time Data

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Travel Time data is critical for measuring levels of mobility or the level of traffic congestion. Roadway improvements, operational changes, and demand modal validation require travel time to objectively assess proposed projects. While NPMRDS provides coverage for the United States, more refined information is necessary to detail locations where congestion or improvements occur. Currently, KTYC has accumulated link level data for 2011 and 2012. Travel time (or interchangeably called “speed”) data captures temporal fluctuations. In general, this includes reoccurring and nonrecurring travel delays. In order to report performance measures and set targets for improvements, historic travel time data that accurately represent actual conditions and aids in trend analysis is critical. The objectives will be to: 1) acquire and quality check available historical 2013 & 2014 travel speed data on all the Kentucky roadways, 2) compile the data into 15-minute periods and format deliverables consistent with the existing Transportation Cabinet’s database systems, 3) produce congestion (travel time indices) and delay metrics for further analysis, and 4) supplement/update existing web portal with interactive map and data extraction capabilities for KYTC and KY MPOs.
Effective start/end date6/1/156/30/17


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $189,837.00


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