Planning Study 28, KYTC Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Inventory for ADA Compliance

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The establishment of the Kentucky (Ky) Occupational Motor Vehicle (OMV) Injury Surveillance (OMVIS) program, a component program of the overall Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance (KOSHS) expanded program, focuses on the population-based and case-based surveillance of OMV injuries (fatal and nonfatal) in Ky, a southeastern state in Health and Human Services (HHS) Region 4. OMVIS program objectives are to 1) identify industries, and environments at high risk for OMV collisions injuries; 2) identify risk factors, trends, and emerging issues; 3) inform OMV injury prevention-related interventions and policies; and 4) advance usefulness of OMV injury surveillance data at federal, state, and local levels for prevention of OMV injuries. The ultimate goal of the proposal is to reduce OMV injuries in Ky and the nation. The specific aims for Ky’s OMVIS program are to: 1) Assess current and potential OMVIS data sources; 2) Conduct comprehensive timely multi-source surveillance of work-related motor vehicle collision injuries occurring in Ky; 3) Conduct epidemiological analyses of OMV data and OMVIS quality improvement studies; 4) Promote the use of OMVIS data and findings through new and existing multidisciplinary partnerships and research collaborations that integrate OMVIS results with partners’ outreach and educational activities; 5) Provide OMVIS evidence to state and national industry worker and employer groups with drivers and occupants by disseminating OMV research findings through annual program reports, hazard alerts, newsletters, websites, social media, presentations, trade journals, the state-based occupational health clearinghouse, and peer-reviewed publications to inform changes in OMV safety education, road safety design, and/or vehicle design, etc.; and 6) Perform a process, impact, and outcome evaluation to assess effectiveness and impact of the OMVIS program, ensure the OMVIS system is meeting its objectives, improve the OMVIS system’s operation and efficiency, and support future resource allocation decisions.
Effective start/end date10/1/156/30/17


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $149,874.00


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